You may be surprised to see the information we share about famous brands using WordPress. The number of sites in the world and use every WordPress Turkey is rapidly increasing. As of 2018, there are about 172 Million WordPress websites in the world. WordPress website design, count slowly began to increase in this number is used in Turkey.

Famous Brands Using WordPress

But as in the world, many famous companies in our country are starting to use the WordPress infrastructure. In this article we will list major websites that use WordPress, from famous brands and institutions to artists. I’m sure you will be surprised to see the big companies in this list.

WordPress‘s open source code and a system that is constantly being developed is one of the biggest factors that make it popular. Both the flexible structure and the need to have thousands of themes and add-ons rapidly increase the number of web sites using WordPress. The e-commerce website design from the news sector, which starts with blog websites, is used in many areas from universities to artist sites. WordPress continues to be used every day in new media.


Carleton University

Carleton University, located in Ottawa, Canada, was founded in 1942 and has consistently developed a passion for providing high-quality education to its students. Focusing on applied learning and innovative research, Carleton makes students feel ready to step into the business world.

The University has continued to grow in the last decade and currently has a diverse international student population from 140 countries around the world.



Cpanel (Control Panel) is a web hosting control panel application that requires hosting customers on Linux servers to require webmasters to perform their operations visually and interactively.

When you first enter Cpanel, you will see many pictures and articles below. You can access the pictures and articles.



Microsoft was founded in 1975 in Seattle, United States. ”Every home and every table is a computer”. The university student is a world giant founded by 2 people.

The founders are Bill GATES and Paul ALLEN. Billions of pcs in the world used in the Windows operating system belongs to this camel. Its easy interface and no serious competitor make Windows operating system a number in this field. With the latest release of Windows 10 they have proven how good and experienced they are in the operating system.


Sony Playstation

The first-generation PlayStation was released in Japan in October 1994 and has received intense interest. Among the reasons for this intense interest, the fact that there was a significant price difference with Sega Saturn.

After about 1 year in Japan and about $ 299 in North America and Europe, the whole world was beginning to learn the PlayStation name once again.



Flickr is a photo sharing website for Yahoo. It was developed by Ludicorp in February 2004, and was purchased by Yahoo in March 2005 for $ 35 million. Flickr right | 170px Flickr is a beautiful web 2.0 application example of a photo-sharing site and web service, the online community platform.

In addition, it becomes a personal photo-sharing platform that is becoming popular by website users, and the service is open for storing photos of blogs. The photos can be published under the Creative Commons license. Yahoo is the owner of the Flickr brand.



You may need to query domain information from time to time. However, according to some research I have done; a number of whois sites are registering searches.

Thus, they can register logical names that can be called for themselves. DomainTools offering highly detailed whois information; it is both stable and stable. In this context, I can recommend that you try DomainTools to query whois your existing domains or domain names you plan to import.



HostGator LLC is one of the world’s leading provider of shared, reseller, VPS and rental servers. The private company, based in Houston, Texas, was founded in 2002 by Founding President and General President Brent Oxley, who started the company in the dorm room at Florida Atlantic University.

Since then, HostGator has evolved from a small hosting company with only three servers to a hosting provider that has managed over 12,000 servers, pioneered the Earth, and is well known in the industry.



TED was first launched in 1984 as a conference to bring together Technology, Entertainment and Design. Over the years, its scope has been widened and continually worked with greater determination. Now we are trying to bring together the best thinkers and performers of the world no matter what field they work in.

All the information is interdependent and TED has become a center where you can explore the important ways of thinking in different areas and adapt it to your own life and work life.



Founded on November 20, 1939, the Turkish Service is part of the BBC World Service, which broadcasts in 29 languages. Today the BBC Turkish service that broadcasts from London, website and social media accounts with Turkey and listeners around the world, reaching their viewers and readers.

Around 50 BBC correspondents form the network of news gathering in nearly 50 centers around the world.


Sözcü Newspaper

Sözcü newspaper was founded on June 27, 2007 in Istanbul. Metin Yılmaz is the editor-in-chief. Usually known for his writings criticizing the government newspapers, in particular, it is read by anyone in Kemalist Turkey.


Harvard Universitesi

Harvard University is a private research university founded in 1636 in Massachusetts, USA. The school, originally named tarih New College ur by the Massachusetts Assembly, was renamed ’Harvard College ısı in honor of its first donor John Harvard in 1639 and is the oldest educational institution in American history.

According to 2014 data of the world-famous university with its achievements and richness, there are 6500 undergraduate and 14500 graduate students in total, 21000 students and 4671 academic staff.


Gitti Gidiyor

Founded in 2001 and with 16 years of history pioneering the marketplace GittiGidiyor’s e-commerce in Turkey in 2011, the global e-commerce giant’s leading position in the industry after entering further strengthened under the umbrella of eBay.

With over 15 million products in more than 50 categories, GittiGidiyor uses the payment confirmation system milyon Zero Risk an, which guarantees 100% payments. The site, where 1 product is sold on average, buys 64% of its traffic through mobile screens and mobile screens compatible with mobile devices.


PC Net

PCnet is one of Turkey’s most established technology magazines and websites. Since 1997, our test, review, article and news every month to guide hundreds of thousands of users.



Founded in August 2006 by the Sacred Art Webrazzi that analyzes examining developments in Turkey and the world is Turkey’s leading media companies in the internet space. Webrazzi, which is followed daily by many professionals who direct the sector. Includes comprehensive articles and analyzes from current new web initiatives to investment news in this field.

Webrazzi since February 2008; has expanded its range of issues with Social Media and Digital Marketing in Turkey has become a place where the digital heart.